Getting ready for summer acoustic concert series

Post Pandemic Performance

New Release of PEACE album

PEACE album released in CD Format

The PEACE album was originally released as 'Digital distribution only' -   due to high demand for a version in compact disc format, we re-released it as a remastered cd in September 2021.

back of PEACE cd

NEW Website and NEW Release 

I'm pleased to announce I have a brand NEW website and have updated much of the content.   There is also an expanded YOU TUBE VIDEO section as well as a MUSIC section that includes all of my previous albums.  

In addition, I've now officially released my 'WAYPOINTS' album ---  my latest collection of multi-genre songs.

All of my previous albums were written, recorded and produced solely by me.  I also played ALL the instruments on those albums.

For 'WayPoints' I called on my good friend, John Finan to…

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WayPoints Upcoming Release! 

My latest album  'WAYPOINTS'  is soon to be released.

This is my 6th ALBUM.   A wide range of genres and songs written at different times in my career.

All original Robb Cairns songs (music and lyrics).  Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Synthesizer and Vocals.

It was produced by the notable JOHN FINAN and also includes his outstanding musicianship on the album-- drums, bass, piano and assorted instruments.

There are many love songs (romantic, happy and sad)-  rock, blues, slow, fast and in-between.

You will…

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New CD Release! 

 This week on CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody and other music sites I'm releasing my latest CD called "PEACE".  

It's an all instrumental album of acoustic guitar-based songs as well as some 'smooth jazz' type themes with electric guitar and also some songs featuring an island sound.

This was all recorded during my recovery from major heart surgery-- I had the time, I was supposed to stay "mellow" and due to the tube down my throat during surgery and after, I really didn't feel like singing too much…

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Busy Summer 

Whew!   This summer is flying by... so many new venues and old favorite venues.  Downtown Detroit Summer Concert Series was a great experience.  My band "String Theory Band" played on the Campus Martius Main Stage (fully motorized and LED big screen backlighting).   It was a perfect day mid-70's and Sunny in the "D".  Beautiful green lawn area with umbrella tables and a great view of the skyline of Detroit.  (wish I had taken a picture from the stage).  Anyway, it's permanently in my memory.   My buddies…

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Happy Spring 

Well, after our Long, long COLD Winter.........

I finally see the flowers starting to poke their heads up so, I think it's safe for me to take off my snow tires on my car.

Also, take the snow scraper out of my trunk and replace it with my golf clubs-

However, the spring and summer events are starting to book.  I'm going to have a busy time playing a lot of new venues and some favorite old venues.  

In addition, I was welcomed back to the Detroit Summer Lunchtime Concert Series both as a Solo and with my…

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Spring in February? 

Well, it was just last year at this time that I was in the sunny Caribbean basking in surf and sand and thinking of all my friends in the Midwest suffering thru one of the worst winters on record. Every morning as I swam in the ocean, I thought about six inches of ice that would have formed on any of our bodies of water- So, this year being back, I was forewarned that this would be another terrible winter in the Midwest--- but here it is in early February and it's almost 50 degrees! Some said I must…

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Spring Renewal 

Well, I'm back in Michigan having wintered in the Virgin Islands... I guess I missed one of the worst winters on record Spring in Michigan is a wonderful time of year. After you get over a frozen robin stuck in a snowbank, it's really a beautiful time of year On the first nice day, EVERYONE you see is SMILING-- because they've all endured a long, harsh winter and are SO thankful for the SUNSHINE and the coming of SPRING! More people are outside on the street, everyone smiles at one another and it's…

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Won Songwriting Contest! 

I was just informed the other night that my song was picked as #1 in an Internet Songwriting Contest sponsored by the Black Crystal Cafe-- They pick the title and you have to compose a song with those words in the song and title. The song was "Careful Now" At first, I kept thinking of the Pink Floyd song "Careful with that Axe, Eugene!"-- so, after I got that out of my head, the lyrics and music came along pretty well. I did not send them a big production of the song--- just me and some…

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Assembly Line Concerts 

Well, it's finally over-WHEW! AJ's Music Cafe began a run at a new Guinness Book World Record for Continuous Live Musical Performances. The original goal was 240 bands playing over 10 days, 24/7 to achieve 240 hours. THere was a group in North Carolina that began one day before us and stopped at 240 hours, so we had to carry on two more days for a total of 12 days= 288 hours! It was something for the record books!

"THE BAR" in Milford 

Upcoming show on the first day of spring, SAT March 21st. My good friend, Britt Hefty and I will be playing Classic Rock Acoustic and a few originals for your dining and dancing pleasure. Show starts at 9PM in beautiful downtown Milford. Hope to see you there!