A long time ago Robb wrote a song called “Ties & Levis”, to say to the world that he felt caught between two worlds--- working for a living with a "real job" and playing Rock ‘n’ Roll. Through the years, he found a way to balance the two. Using his "left brain at his "day job" and using his creative "right brain" the other times, writing and performing his music. Robb’s songs reflect what many of us feel at one time or another--- Joy, happiness, sadness, social conscienceness, anger, heartache and most of all--LOVE. He’s taken these views and feelings and written them into songs that express it with words and music. Robb is a gifted guitarist, raised on the rock heroes of his time--- Clapton, Beatles, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. However, he’s always loved finely crafted lyrics that a James Taylor or a Cat Stevens would write. So, what he gives us is not “throwaway lyrics” with a good beat, but rather, something to sink our teeth (or mind) into--- songs with a passion and a message. Give a listen and find yourself transported to these places and feelings. Odds are, you will be humming the chorus long after the song has ended.