Robb Cairns

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MY 7TH ALBUM recorded at RAYDON STUDIO (May 2023 thru Aug 2023) Modern Alt/Country Feel Featuring heartfelt lyrics and solid instrumentation featuring: Robb Cairns- 6 and 12 String Guitars and Vocals Mark Stewart- Electric Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Pedal Steel Dylan Vanderson- Drums/Percussion Kate Milan- Backup Vocals

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side one:                                                                  side two:

every highway                                                             you are my angel

ain't nothin' wrong with that                                    mist in the morning

hold my place in heaven                                           daddy's dance

if we only knew                                                          keep calling me home

better days ahead                                                     been around this world

I'D LIKE TO ANNOUNCE MY NEW UPCOMING ALBUM (to be available in Vinyl and CD format fall 2023)

the new album (my 7th release) is called-- "HOME"

Everyone has their own vision of home.    It may be a comfortable leather chair in front of a roaring fire...

It may be a farmfield off of a country road and a little farmhouse in the distance.

it may be a row of houses in a bustling city...

It may also be a small house on a quiet street and sitting on your front porch.

Home is different things to different people.