Spring in February?

Well, it was just last year at this time that I was in the sunny Caribbean basking in surf and sand and thinking of all my friends in the Midwest suffering thru one of the worst winters on record. Every morning as I swam in the ocean, I thought about six inches of ice that would have formed on any of our bodies of water- So, this year being back, I was forewarned that this would be another terrible winter in the Midwest--- but here it is in early February and it's almost 50 degrees! Some said I must have brought the Island Weather home with me.... ! Anyway, I'm glad because I do believe the longer you spend in a warm climate, the more your blood "thins" out and you get cold more easily. Fortunately, I'm always hot, so even on a cold day, it really doesn't bother me. Now, the only thing is anyone who's lived in Michigan long enough knows there were more white Easters than White Christmases... so I'll keep my fingers crossed until the Real Spring arrives----