1. Savannah

From the recording WayPoints

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Savannah copyright 2019

I started out in Georgia
Headed for the Frisco Bay
I was gonna seek my fortune
I was looking for a better way
And all that time I kept thinking
Of the beauty I left behind
Even tho' I was so far away
She was always on my mind. (Chorus)
I worked hard and finally made it
Lots of money in the bank
But there was something missing
My heart kept dropping 'til it sank
I realized there's a Southern lady
Waiting in my old hometown
She will always be true to me
She'll never ever let me down. (Chorus)
So, I'm traveling on that road again
Heading back from where I came
Nothing's going to stop me now
I'll drive right thru the pouring rain
And all that time, I'll be wishin'
That she'll still feel the way I do
When I put that ring upon her finger
There ain't nothing we can't do. (Chorus)