Spring Renewal

Well, I'm back in Michigan having wintered in the Virgin Islands... I guess I missed one of the worst winters on record. Spring in Michigan is a wonderful time of year. After you get over a frozen robin stuck in a snowbank, it's really a beautiful time of year. On the first nice day, EVERYONE you see is SMILING-- because they've all endured a long, harsh winter and are SO thankful for the SUNSHINE and the coming of SPRING! More people are outside on the street, everyone smiles at one another and it's symbolic of a RENEWAL of faith that everything's going to be all right and the warm weather will come to stay awhile. The trees are starting to bud, the birds and wildlife are appearing and neighbors are saying "Hello" after the cold, dark winter of isolation. It's also a time of spiritual renewal--- a new awakening to what is and what could be. Another chance to do it right in peace and harmony. That's what I like about Michigan in the Spring...

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