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Robb Cairns: News

New CD Release! - June 15, 2016

I'm just about to release this week on CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody and other music sites my latest CD called "PEACE".  

It's an all instrumental album of acoustic guitar-based songs as well as some 'smooth jazz' type themes with electric guitar and also some songs featuring an island sound.

This was all recorded during my recovery from major heart surgery-- I had the time, I was supposed to stay "mellow" and due to the tube down my throat during surgery and after, I really didn't feel like singing too much.  So, it all worked out.   I'd like to report that I'm much better now and I thank the hospital, the surgeons and all my friends and family for their prayers and support.

After going thru a major health event like this, you truly learn what's important in life and where your priorities should be.

I look forward to creating more music and get back to performing soon.

God Bless.


Busy Summer - July 21, 2015

Whew!   This summer is flying by... so many new venues and old favorite venues.  Downtown Detroit Summer Concert Series was a great experience.  My band "String Theory Band" played on the Campus Martius Main Stage (fully motorized and LED big screen backlighting).   It was a perfect day mid-70's and Sunny in the "D".  Beautiful green lawn area with umbrella tables and a great view of the skyline of Detroit.  (wish I had taken a picture from the stage).  Anyway, it's permanently in my memory.   My buddies, Jef Reynolds (Bass/Vocals), Bill Hulet (drums), John Finan (Electric Guitar/Vocals) joined me on stage (Electric/Acoustic/Vocals) and we rocked it out.   More gigs still to come to finish off the summer...

Happy Spring - April 18, 2015

Well, after our Long, long COLD Winter.........

I finally see the flowers starting to poke their heads up so, I think it's safe for me to take off my snow tires on my car.

Also, take the snow scraper out of my trunk and replace it with my golf clubs-

However, the spring and summer events are starting to book.  I'm going to have a busy time playing a lot of new venues and some favorite old venues.  

In addition, I was welcomed back to the Detroit Summer Lunchtime Concert Series both as a Solo and with my band-  Sting Theory.

Now, let's hope the great weather continues--- we deserve it!

Peach, Love and Understanding to All.





Spring in February? - February 6, 2012

Well, it was just last year at this time that I was in the sunny Caribbean basking in surf and sand and thinking of all my friends in the Midwest suffering thru one of the worst winters on record. Every morning as I swam in the ocean, I thought about six inches of ice that would have formed on any of our bodies of water-

So, this year being back, I was forewarned that this would be another terrible winter in the Midwest--- but here it is in early February and it's almost 50 degrees! Some said I must have brought the Island Weather home with me.... !

Anyway, I'm glad because I do believe the longer you spend in a warm climate, the more your blood "thins" out and you get cold more easily. Fortunately, I'm always hot, so even on a cold day, it really doesn't bother me.

Now, the only thing is anyone who's lived in Michigan long enough knows there were more white Easters than White Christmases... so I'll keep my fingers crossed until the Real Spring arrives----

Spring Renewal - May 6, 2011

Well, I'm back in Michigan having wintered in the Virgin Islands... I guess I missed one of the worst winters on record.
Spring in Michigan is a wonderful time of year. After you get over a frozen robin stuck in a snowbank, it's really a beautiful time of year.
On the first nice day, EVERYONE you see is SMILING-- because they've all endured a long, harsh winter and are SO thankful for the SUNSHINE and the coming of SPRING!

More people are outside on the street, everyone smiles at one another and it's symbolic of a RENEWAL of faith that everything's going to be all right and the warm weather will come to stay awhile. The trees are starting to bud, the birds and wildlife are appearing and neighbors are saying "Hello" after the cold, dark winter of isolation.

It's also a time of spiritual renewal--- a new awakening to what is and what could be.
Another chance to do it right in peace and harmony.

That's what I like about Michigan in the Spring...

Won Songwriting Contest! - May 29, 2010

I was just informed the other night that my song was picked as #1 in an Internet Songwriting Contest sponsored by the Black Crystal Cafe--

They pick the title and you have to compose a song with those words in the song and title. The song was "Careful Now"...

At first, I kept thinking of the Pink Floyd song "Careful with that Axe, Eugene!"-- so, after I got that out of my head, the lyrics and music came along pretty well.

I did not send them a big production of the song--- just me and some fingerpicking guitar on an MP3. (I really didn't think I would win-- it was the first Songwriting Contest I have ever entered!)

Anyway, I felt humbled and inspired. As such, I'm happily writing some new songs that I hope I can share with you in the very near future.

I've been Remiss-- - May 3, 2010

Sorry-- I haven't been updating this site in a while. Between Facebook and MySpace and ReverbNation and my direct email Friends/Fans, it's difficult to keep them all up to date.

Anyway, since we last met, besides my normal bar and coffehouse gigs, I performed at the Trinity House Benefit and the Assembly Line Concert II. This broke our record from last year of continuous live performances- 313 hours!

I'm looking forward to the Summer of Love 2010 and having a great time singing and playing for all my friends.

Peach, Love & Understatement,


Comeback Inn - July 18, 2009

I'll be performing Solo at the Comeback Inn in Highland (near Milford off M-59 and Milford Rd.)

It'll be a mix of Classic Rock Acoustic and Originals...

THE BAR - JUNE 13th - June 16, 2009

What a great crowd we had for this show! People were partying inside the bar and outside in the outdoor cafe area--- we covered 4 decades of Classic Rock acoustically and had people from 18 - 80.

Special thanks to the BIG group of Woodside girls (14 gorgeous ladies) and Ray the Bartender.

Assembly Line Concerts - April 7, 2009

Well, it's finally over-WHEW! AJ's Music Cafe began a run at a new Guinness Book World Record for Continuous Live Musical Performances. The original goal was 240 bands playing over 10 days, 24/7 to achieve 240 hours. THere was a group in North Carolina that began one day before us and stopped at 240 hours, so we had to carry on two more days for a total of 12 days= 288 hours! It was something for the record books!

"THE BAR" in Milford - March 1, 2009

Upcoming show on the first day of spring, SAT March 21st. My good friend, Britt Hefty and I will be playing Classic Rock Acoustic and a few originals for your dining and dancing pleasure. Show starts at 9PM in beautiful downtown Milford. Hope to see you there!

Zou Zou's Gig - March 1, 2009

Just played at Zou Zou's in quaint downtown Chelsea. Nice crowd... and nice place. Some old friends stopped in as well as the regulars.

It's CCCold out there! - January 27, 2009

What happened to our January Thaw? All we get is colder and colder. It's so cold (how cold is it?)--- Dogs are stuck to fire hydrants all over town!
It's also cold in the job market for Michigan and the nation. Everyone's fearful of losing their jobs (and homes etc). They say it's as bad as the Depression...but let's be hopeful and wish that by Spring things will turn around for everybody.
Gotta have faith.

Berkley Front - November 23, 2008

For those of you who braved the weather that wicked night (snow/white-outs freezin' cold)-- Thanks for your support. We still had a goodtime. Thanks to Britt Hefty for joining me on the middle set of cover tunes-- twin sons of different mothers! We even had the same shoes and each ordered the same brand of beer separately with a choice of 100 beer brands!! what gives??

SECOND NATURE CD -released! - October 28, 2008

Just Released--- my 4th CD ---"SECOND NATURE"
It's a laid-back all acoustic album that should make you feel good. I've woven a number of instruments (mandolin, blues harp, 12-string guitar, bass, Nashville tuned guitar and standard 6 string into a landscape of easy-going love songs. It should be on CD Baby Nov 1 and on Apple iTunes by Dec 1. (just in time for XMAS!)
I'll be performing this album and my Water of Ten album in my upcoming concerts.
Peach, Love & Understatement!

THANKS! - October 11, 2008

A great big THANKS for everyone who turned out at AJ's for the CD Release Party benefiting Children's Hospital of Michigan.

Special thanks to the three young ladies of "Excusable Idea" who started the evening with their creative performance and also donated a portion of their proceeds to this wonderful organization.

It shows even in hard times, there are still giving people!

Where has the summer gone? - August 31, 2008

Well, here it is already-- Labor Day Weekend-- the summer just flew by!
Also, I wasn't very good about putting on my gig dates-- it was all word-of-mouth. I'll try and be better in the future. Played some cool outdoor venues this summer and will probably do more next summer. We definitely had a "picture perfect" Michigan summer-- nice temps during the day and cool nights-- love it! Hope everyone had a great summer!

White Crow - July 25, 2008

Recently, I received an invite to join a group of Songwriter's playing at the White Crow Conservatory of Music in Saginaw, MI. It is a converted church/music store/coffee house and the acoustics are awesome!
There was a great group of performers and listeners all enjoying the creative art of music. I hope to play there again some time.

"Above the Bridge" - June 25, 2008

This past weekend, I attended and performed at the First Annual "Above the Bridge" Songwriter's Weekend held in Curtis, MI. It was hosted by the Hummingbirds, Jill Jack, Billy Brandt and John Latini.
What a blast!
There were 20+ songwriters (some locally famous and some not), all gathered together to hear, critique, perform and share each other's songwriting. It was a total lovefest-- it was amazinig how everyone brought a different perspective and style to their songs. And most nights ended up in a giant jam sesssion on the porch of the Chamberlain B&B/Old Forest Inn. The place, the food, the people were outta sight. Like Jill Jack said, "I think I just gained 20 new members of my family". I'd agree... Songwriting is a very solitary endeavor, but sharing it with an audience is one thing, but sharing it with your brother and sister songwriters is way cool---

Jazz Music Cafe- Gig - March 7, 2008

This gig was a trip... a very appreciative audience and some very eclectic performers...very cool.

Hope to perform there again sometime in the near future.

More HITS! - November 10, 2007

I can't believe how many hits I'm getting--- 14, 567. It's pretty incredible how many people are interested in my music are increasing the number of people who check this out. I'm even stopped by people on the street who tell me they saw me at their local bar.-- AWESOME!

Thanks, Everyone! - September 26, 2007

It seems like the new album, "A Little Night Music" is being well received--- lots of hits on the website and decent startup sales.
The INternet thing is sooo Cool! How else would people around the planet listen to my stuff without radio play and one of the big Record Co's backing me!
This is a new age where they don't tell people what sounds good-- the public gets to choose--

When I recorded my first songs on a Reel-to-Reel in my parent's basement, the chances of getting a National Record Contract was like winning the lottery. Who would have known back then that the Internet would be such a powerful instrument of bringing music to the people?

There are so many good artists on the Internet today.. and each one is speaking out to someone-- listen and enjoy!


A Little Night Music - September 15, 2007

“Smooth Techno meets Late Night Jazz”…

Robb was asked by a Hollywood Producer to develop a soundtrack for a new documentary that is still being promoted… meanwhile, he just couldn’t let his songs and new sounds sit idle, so this album was born.

"Unique sounds--- creative rhythms—enough to cause an eargasm!"

"Brings the smoother side of Techno and bridges it with jazz selections as well…"

"An inspiring CD to listen to while driving down the open road or simply for a romantic evening at home."

"It will soon become your favorite CD."

This is Robb’s third CD.
You can sample it at:
Robb has been playing in “bar-bands” throughout the Midwest for many years. He began his solo career in 2000 with the release of “Mail-Order Tattoo”. One of the cuts became a hit in Belgium.

In 2003, he released “Water of Ten”. This album was nominated for Rock Acoustic album of the year by the Detroit Music Awards. One of the tracks, “Love behind this song” was used on ABC’s “The Bachelor” on two episodes. Other tracks were picked up internationally and many of Robb’s songs have appeared in film and TV in several countries.
To hear this CD, go to :
Robb has written over 600 songs and plays guitar, piano, bass, drums and keyboards.

Robb is a graduate of Oakland University and has taught music. He is a BMI artist and is available for performances or for composing soundtracks for film or television.

Just Launched! - September 15, 2007

Just launched my latest CD -"A Little Night Music" on my brand new website!
My old website had become pretty lame because it didn't allow me to add updates very easily etc.
Hope you enjoy my daily? weekly? monthly updates--(depending how busy I am).
I may even get into "Blogging" at some time.

Looking forward to renewing old friendships and making new ones!

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