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Hello, Everybody! Glad you dropped by... Here is my latest CD release.  It's called 'PEACE'.  It's an all instrumental album of Acoustic Guitar songs, Smooth Jazz and Island-inspired music.

On this website, you'll know how to listen to and purchase one of my 5 CD's on iTunes and CD Baby -- Mail Order Tattoo-- a wild mix of different genres,

Water of Ten-- a nice collection of meaningful songs,

A Little Night Music--- late night jazz and smooth techno

and my most recent---Second Nature". It's mainly acoustic, laid-back songs with all natural instrumentation and vocals. A Little Night Music - late nite jazz and other instrumentals.

You can check out any of these by going to my Links page or   Thanks for listening! Robb Cairns

New CD Release! - June 15, 2016

I'm just about to release this week on CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody and other music sites my latest CD called "PEACE".  

It's an all instrumental album of acoustic guitar-based songs as well as some 'smooth jazz' type themes with electric guitar and also some songs featuring an island sound.

This was all recorded during my recovery from major heart surgery-- I had the time, I was supposed to stay "mellow" and due to the tube down my throat during surgery and after, I really didn't feel like singing too much.  So, it all worked out.   I'd like to report that I'm much better now and I thank the hospital, the surgeons and all my friends and family for their prayers and support.

After going thru a major health event like this, you truly learn what's important in life and where your priorities should be.

I look forward to creating more music and get back to performing soon.

God Bless.


Busy Summer - July 21, 2015

Whew!   This summer is flying by... so many new venues and old favorite venues.  Downtown Detroit Summer Concert Series was a great experience.  My band "String Theory Band" played on the Campus Martius Main Stage (fully motorized and LED big screen backlighting).   It was a perfect day mid-70's and Sunny in the "D".  Beautiful green lawn area with umbrella tables and a great view of the skyline of Detroit.  (wish I had taken a picture from the stage).  Anyway, it's permanently in my memory.   My buddies, Jef Reynolds (Bass/Vocals), Bill Hulet (drums), John Finan (Electric Guitar/Vocals) joined me on stage (Electric/Acoustic/Vocals) and we rocked it out.   More gigs still to come to finish off the summer...

Happy Spring - April 18, 2015

Well, after our Long, long COLD Winter.........

I finally see the flowers starting to poke their heads up so, I think it's safe for me to take off my snow tires on my car.

Also, take the snow scraper out of my trunk and replace it with my golf clubs-

However, the spring and summer events are starting to book.  I'm going to have a busy time playing a lot of new venues and some favorite old venues.  

In addition, I was welcomed back to the Detroit Summer Lunchtime Concert Series both as a Solo and with my band-  Sting Theory.

Now, let's hope the great weather continues--- we deserve it!

Peach, Love and Understanding to All.





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